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Hardwood Floor

Refinishing & Reviving

Site finished flooring is highly durable, but over time, it can dull and the finish can start to wear. After a while, flooring might need to be sanded, stained, and sealed not only for aesthetic reasons but also to preserve the flooring and to reduce further damage. Call to inquire about our hardwood flooring refinishing service today.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Charleston SC
Prefinished Hardwood Flooring


Respecting Your Home During the Refinishing Process

At Davis Flooring, we understand the process of refinishing floors can be disruptive. But we seek to minimize the time it takes and we take great care to respect your home by limiting dust and odors throughout.

Why Refinishing?

There are many instances where hardwood flooring does not need to be torn out and redone. Old flooring, when sanded, stained, and refinished properly, can look like new again, especially when you hire an expert hardwood refinishing company like Davis Floors & Design.

You can also change the stain of your natural floors. We can refinish them by sanding and restaining to the color that you desire.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Charleston SC